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Submission of Documents

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NorthWest Capital Finance have extensive knowledge in what it takes to submit documents, as we deal with application for credit on a daily basis.
It is a fact that applying for credit /loans is not easy task. On this site you will find information about various institutions where you can apply.
You can apply to them on your own without our assistance and it is free.
With all of them need you to apply online and then submit certain documents with your application.
Northwest Capital Finance have experience in applying for loans on behalf of customers and our experience is that 90% of applicants fail to complete the application correctly and supply the correct and all documents when they apply and that is where the problem starts; when you don’t submit a fully completed application form and all the required documents it slows down the application process and causes that the application is put on hold and put in the “back of the queue”, as the norm is to work with fully completed applications and documents.

Our experience shows that properly completed applications with all, the required documentation, do get approved easier and quicker ensuring that you get your payout faster.

We foresee that the application process will be a difficult process as many of the institutions you will be applying to is new in the process of dealing with applications and not everything is in place yet, due to the enormity of the problem there will be a high number of applications and those that are not completed correctly and not have all the relevant documents will cause a huge delay in getting an approval and payout.

Sometimes the amount of documents required looks like a mountain you will not be able to climb.

Here is an example of one of the institutions document requirements.


Be registered and compliant with SARS and UIF;

CIPC Registration Documents;

FICA documents (e.g. Municipal accounts, letter from traditional authority);

ID Copies of Directors/members;

3 months Bank Statements;

Latest Annual Financial Statements or Management Accounts not older than three months from date of application;

Business Profile;


6 months Cash Flow Projections – where applicable;

Relevant Industry Codification – where applicable;

Estimations for funding requested.

As you can see it can become a daunting task to get the documents ready before you apply.
But don’t despairNorthwest Capital Finance are here to help you climb the mountain.
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What northwest capital finance offer

We are offering a service where we can assist you in ensuring that all documents are in order before you submit them.
We will look at the requirements set by the particular institution you want to apply with; we will then assist you in getting all the required documents in order in one bundle ready for you to submit.

In certain cases we will also be able to submit the applications on your behalf; you might even be able to apply to more than one institution for help in that case we will apply to them as well. In other cases you will need to submit the application yourself in that case we will make sure all your documentation is in order send it you and you can then submit the application.

What is the cost of the service?

Northwest Capital Finance charge a basic fee of R250 to help you get your documents in order for submission.

For the fee we will:

  • Receive your application.
  • Check the requirements for the particular institution you want to apply with.
  • Check if there are other institutions you qualify to apply to, which you might have missed.
  • Get your documents in order to apply, ensure all required documents are there and application filled in correctly.
  • Submit on your behalf where we can or send you the required documents in a bundle ready for you to submit.
  • If we had submitted your documents, on your behalf, we will send you the details where we have applied on your behalf and in the instances where we received a reference number we will supply it to you in order to track your application;
  • If we get feedback from the institution n we will immediately sent it through for your attention, in the event of we might be able to answer the inquiry we will do so or otherwise wait for feedback from you.

What is not included in the fee?

In the case where you need certain documents, for example a cash flow statement, you can do it yourself or one of our experienced personnel can assist in drawing it up for you. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done we will quote an amount and you can decide whether to accept the offer or not.

Items not included in the fee:

  • Latest Annual Financial Statements or Management Accounts not older than three months from date of application;
  • 6 months Cash Flow Projections
  • Business Profile;
  • Motivation

In Conclusion

It is important to note that you can submit your application without our assistance, and if you feel up to it please do, but we have experience in submitting applications and we can say without hesitation it is not as easy it looks, sometimes these institutions can drive you the brink of tears.

We also know that there are persons out there that, for certain reasons will battle to submit their applications as they have to work through internet shops etc. it is also those people we want to assist.

We can assure you that the amount of work in time that goes in to preparing an application is much more than the R250 we charge you.

We felt like we want to provide this service in order to help as many people as possible to get their life and business back on track but unfortunately we can’t do it for free but we kept the cost as low as possible.SPECIAL OFFER: If you want to register a company

and also want NORTHWEST CAPITAL FINANCE  to assist

with your applicatioN THE FEE will BE R449, for the

FULL package, that is a saving of R100 from the

original fees. (R299 company registration; R250

assistance with documents.)



Pay here, with debit/credit card, for assistance with application submission, R250. Payment through our service provider PAYFAST secure gateway

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Register here for assistance to apply for COVID -19 relief funding


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Pay here, with debit/credit card, for registration of Company and submission of documents, R459. Payment through our service provider PAYFAST secure gateway.