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Problems repaying debt

Debt Problems: Coming out of the constant loop of loans is ...

If your salary was effected by the COVID 19 crisis and you know you will not be able to pay all your debt you MUST ACT NOW.
The only solution is to  go under debt review, that is the only legal way you can protect your assets. Act now don't wait until the sheriff pitches up at your door, then it is to late.

Please don't lend out your ear to other people who don't have the knowledge or get persuaded to do Debt Mediation. With debt mediation you have no legal protection against your creditors and they can still act against you. 

The best option is to go under debt review before you get behind with you payment's, once a summons is issued it is too late.

Remember Debt Review is not permanent.  

We are not registered with the NCR but we can refer you to a registered and reputable Debt Councillor that will do a free, no obligation, assessment and give you solid advice.

Should you want to make use of their services please complete the form below and we will arrange for them to contact you asap. 

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