Get out of debt-Financial relief for businesses and individuals

Get out of debt


Before the COVID -19 virus a large number of South Africans were having debt problems and financial instability already.

The COVID-19 has just made things worse for them. A lot of people has lost their employment, or is about to lose it, or had to take pay cuts because of employers losing income and turnover becuase of the lockdown to contain the virus.

If you are is distress you have one of two options:

  1. You can sit and sulk about it and hope something will happen.The bad news is if you donít do anything nothing will change.
  2. You can decide instead to take matter in your own hands and look for an opportunity where you by doing the work can become financially independent.

We manage to find such an opportunity that you can join.

The company provides the tools to enable any individual to reach the financial freedom they seek In order to be successful.

What is it about?

-It is an opportunity where you can earn income on a part or full time basis.
-By subscribing to one of the companyís financial) from R249 per month, you get free access to to an opportunity where you can build a very good monthly, recurring, income generating business as long as you pay for your product by debit order every month. Please note: You have a choice to determine the date of the debit order, therefore you can select any day, normally people select their payday or last day of the month..
You can start your new business without paying any money.
-All training courses are provided online.
-Should you decide this is not for you just send an email to HEAD OFFICE give them your registration number and ask TO PLEASE CANCEL YOUR DEBIT ORDER, and all future debit orders, and it will be done, no questions asked.

Other notable benefits and features:

-There is NO upfront registrations payable.
-Your only other cost will be data.
-You donít have to buy and sell any products in order to earn commission to be able to earn an income.
-You can start the opportunity immediately without paying any money now.
-Full training is provided through online teaching videos.
-Your own business, with no start-up capital needed.
-No selling involved.
-A very good, above average, monthly income from R5000 ĖR15000+*
-A monthly residual income
-Cash incentives of R1500, R20 000, R50 000*
-A lifelong 7 days overseas holiday for the whole family*.
-A brand new car, of your choice, worth R250 000, REGISTERED IN YOUR NAME TO KEEP*
-And many more other rewards*
*T&c applies, also amount of time spend on the business.