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Company Registration

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If you want to apply for relief from one of the Government  or Private Sector relief programs the chances are good they will require that you have a registered company, (PTY) Ltd. 
Please note: CIPC no longer offer the option of a Closed Corporation. (CC) 

What does it mean to register a company?
Registering a company means taking the steps necessary to form an entity for your business

Company registration guarantees several legal benefits, one of which is asset protection. For example, keeping personal assets safe in case of a lawsuit against your company. "If a company is legally registered, others can't claim your business name as their own, which is not the case if unregistered"

 Benefits of Registering Your Company 
  • Financial institutions and credit providers prefer to deal with companies (Pty) Ltd, rather than with Sole Traders
  • You will limit your personal liability. As a sole trader or partnership you are legally responsible for all aspects of your business, including debts and losses.
  • You will minimize your tax liability. 
  • You can avoid conflict with your founders.
  • Legitimacy and brand awareness. 
  • You can raise significant capital.

You can do it yourself on the CIPC website but experience has learned us that it is not that easy for a person to do it themselves, the first time around, as their are often technical problems with the site.

We will register a company for you for R299 only.

You can make payment through our payment service provider PAYFAST. 

CIPC will check for available names starting with the first name, if that is not available they will then go to the second or third choice.  

Request to register a Company (Pty) Ltd

Pay here, with debit/credit card, for registration of Company R299. Payment through our service provider PAYFAST secure gateway.

Special Offer 
  1. If you want to register a company and also want us to assist with your application we will charge you a fee of R449, for the whole package, that is a saving of R100 from the original fees. (R299 company registration; R250 assistance with documents.)
  2. Pay here, with debit/credit card, for registration of Companyand assitance with documentation, R449. Payment through our service provider PAYFAST secure gateway.