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Northwest Capital Finance

Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) has extensive experience, more than 20 years, in dealing with all kind of applications, bonds, loans, car loans etc.

First off Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) have created this site to have all the information in one place where, and how, businesses and individuals can get help and relief during and after the COVID -19 virus outbreak.
Secondly Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF)  also want to offer our service to assist business owners to apply for the relief.
We know what it takes to get an approval.

Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) pride ourselves on the quality of our applications. We don't submit incomplete applications. We have had many a feedback in the past where the financial institutions praised us for our attention to detail in submitting our applications.
When the COVID -19 crises started and the relief funding were announced Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) realized that there are an opportunity for us to use our knowledge and expertise to assist in lodging applications on behalf of applicants looking for relief.

The reality is that a big number of applicants will not have the experience and knowledge to apply for some of the relief funding and thereby losing out on financial help they could have received. That is why Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) is offering our service to those that might need it.

The fee Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) charge is a small fee in comparison to the work that need to be done in preparing a fully completed application.
Northwest Capital Finance (NWCF) are looking forward to be of service to members of the public and specific smme's and business owners in general as well as individuls who need our assistance.. 

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